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This year’s exhibition in the Czech and Slovak Pavilion at the 13. International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia will belong to the project Asking Architecture, which presents more than 18 artists and creative groups from the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. The exhibition project of the rese arch platform will be opened on August 27, 2012. An unconventional installation relies solely on virtual and aug-mented reality and reveals itself only after the visitor makes a step towards a collateral communication with the exhibited projects and the artists themselves.

4AM Forum for Architecture and Media in the Czech and Slovak Pavilion at the 13. International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia:


The title of the exhibition is a paraphrase of Freud’s imperative statement “kill your father”, by which this founder of psychoanalysis illustrated the moment in the psychological development of a human being influenced by close family and social relations and ties. According to Freud, healthy personality growth and development is conditioned by the existence of a substantial father figure – an idol. This figure should be such a powerful rival that overpowering him must mean strengthening and enforcement of the son – an apprentice – with the subsequent achievement of independence of such a son.

The exhibition KILL YOUR IDOL / ZABIJ SVÉHO FUCHSE aims to apply the view and methodology of psychoanalysis on the process of architectural work of five architects from the city of Brno and their conscious inclination towards general principles and patterns. Like in psychoanalysis itself, in the exhibition the most important role is played by interviews that are structured by identical questions. Those questions uncover the specific nature of the process of artistic work of each architect, their conscious sources of inspiration, outstanding personalities of teachers, spiritual idols, relationships to history and theory of architecture, to art and literature, they touch upon one’s obsession on the actual buildings and their future and on the possibility and lack of ability to define the important architectural qualities. The images of actual architectural designs and of the realized buildings, intertwined with the interviews of the architects, indicate the manner in which the above reality is demonstrated and the extent to which the general platform is reflected within the realization of the designs.

The Exhibition KILL YOUR IDOL took place in the Gallery of Architecture/4AM/ in the city of Brno from January 17 2011 until February 24 2012. The Czech title of the exhibition refers to the personality of Bohuslav Fuchs who ranked among the most important representatives of functionalist architecture of the city of Brno and whose buildings have, similarly to functionalist forms, an unavoidable influence on the architectural works and design of architects of the city of Brno. The interviews include questions on the specific aspects of the Brno scene and environment. The architectural solution of the exhibition in 4AM was delivered by Peter Stec, a Slovak architect, who proposed an installation formed by a grid of conic sanctuaries devoted to individual ateliers, the interior of which referred to the principles of their artistic and architectural work. For the purposes of 13th Biennale of Architecture a virtual presentation of the exhibition consisting of video interviews with the architects will be presented.

Participating Architects:
Markéta Veselá (Maura)
Svatopluk Sládeček (New Work)
Ladislav Kuba, Tomáš Pilař
Antonín Novák, Petr Valenta (DRNH)
Zdeněk Fránek
author of the concept: Petra Hlaváčková
camera, editing: Tomáš Hlaváček (Guerilla.film)


Within the current European context neither the needs nor the ambitions to found new cities seem to be detected. All kinds of regulatory activities and measures have meant that the existing cities are experiencing the most substantial changes in their suburban areas. Rather than an intensive use of their natural space the cities thus expand and grow rejecting everything they are unable to absorb due to legislative frameworks. The inner city, however, is not a final, complete and definite structure but an ever-changing organism for which new impulses originating within it are vital and necessary for its very existence. Compact city does not mean creation of new borders and limits, on the contrary it means being open to building new buildings and structures within an already built-up area.

Instead of posing the question:


one should ask:




The exhibition took place from March 19 to April 24, 2011 in 4AM/Gallery of Architecture in Brno. The Compact City itself was given the form of a continuous workshop – five exhibitors from five Central European countries introduced topical installations for the duration of the event. Every participant had at their disposal the entire exhibition hall for the period of one week, concluded by a presentation and opportunity for discussion with another lecturer. Each and every installation was based on the exhibition hall being shared with other exhibitors and the additive nature and concept of exhibitions. In its own way the exhibition represented an unfinished experiment similar to the one of a city itself. This year was published also a book of the same name, a compilation of contributions of individual exhibitors and lecturers, alongside commentaries of the curators.

Participating authors:
Peter Stec, Levente Polyák, KÉK, Pavel Hnilička, Ida Čapounová, Jan Pfeiffer, Gabu Heindl, Aleksandra Wachnicka, Paweł Wachnicki, Petra Hlaváčková, Jakub Kopec, Szymon Rozwałka

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Architektura Fikce

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(Cz) Podpořte MOVE THE CITY na Startovači / AŤ SE BRNO V SRPNU NEVÁLÍ!

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18-23/8/2014 Brno, schedule HERE

applications: forum4am@gmail.com

Workshop focused on physical exploration of diverse body structures and their expression in the movement. We will work with the concept of the source of and support for the improvised movement. Another key theme we will work with is the issue of “to see and to be seen” as well as exploration of the relation.

Anna has been a dancer, choreographer and teacher for more than 30 years. In 1995, she founded the dance group AS Projekt; the performances of the group were presented in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Netherlands and USA. She took part in diverse international projects in Slovakia, USA and Netherlands. She works as a teacher at the Department of Dance at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Since 2000 she has studied and worked with the system of Body – Mind Centering; she specializes on the developmental aspect of the movement and on work with small children. In 2013 she graduated from the programme Body-Mind Centering Practitioner; she leads seminars on BMC in France, Slovakia and Czech Rep. Within dance, she focuses on efficiency and expressivity of the movement, on open dance forms and improvisation.

price of workshop: 50 Euro
all workshops: 90 Euro / more info see HERE


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18-23/8/2014 Brno, schedule HERE

applications: forum4am@gmail.com

In this workshop we will explore and investigate different aspect of the body in form and essence.
In the form of the body we will observe and embody the physicality and tangibility of the muscula-skeletal structures, bones, muscles and visceral organs.
In the mind we will concentrate and relate to the mental processes that allows us to create, to manifest, to act, to behave, to see clearer the being.In the energy body we will surrender and feel the minute energies that travel throughout the channels inside and outside the physical body.
Delving deeper in dance practice, feeling the essence of being the dance so as to have the dancer to disappear. Breath exercises with dance practice will connect the material with the immaterial, the form with the essence and the dance with the city.
‘City and the dancing body’ is a journey starting from the actual individual and interior home-body (body-tecture) to reach out in the community and exterior city-body (archi-tecture).

Vangelis will be teaching unique practices in dance, chi gong and performance to experience ourselves in diverse new aspects. The practice will entail release, flying low, contact improvisation, choreography, dramaturgy, theater within a collective group work.
The workshop will be partly in studio and partly outdoors in the city where at the last day we will create a site specific performance.

Part of the workshop will take place in new building of Planetarium of Brno by architects Rudis-Rudis (HERE)

graduated from Laban Center (London, UK) with BA in Dance theatre and MA in Choreography. He has been visiting the Forsythe Company regularly since 2004 with who he performed ‘Human Rights’ in 2006. He holds a diploma to teach, spread and develop Flying Low and Passing Through from the 50 days workshop in Costa Rica given by David Zambrano. His work is influenced by major dance artists, William Forsythe, Julyen Hamilton, David Zambrano, Gill Clarke, Rosemary Butcher, Rosalind Crisp. He is amalgamating his experience and knowledge from diverse dance artists including energy work so as to provide a holistic approach into dance pedagogue and performance.


price of workshop: 50 Euro
all workshops: 90 Euro / more info see HERE


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21/8/2014 Brno, 10 AM -2 PM

applications: forum4am@gmail.com

A workshop which will be based on the Walk, Hands, Eyes (a city) project which Myriam Lefkowitz (in collaboration with several artists Julie Laporte, Jean Philippe Derail, François Sardi, Ben Evans, Esther Salmona, Fransesca Cogni) has been developing for more then five years now. It consist in a perceptive experience for one spectator and one guide, weaving a relation between walking, seeing and touching, in a city, for one hour.The main purpose of the work shop is to set an experiential context aiming to equip the participants with increased sensorial attentions and see how this “tool” might shift the perception of themselves and of their surrounding environment.

Through the experience of this walk, the topography in which the spectator is evolving is generally a mixture between the “reality of the city” and a form of space that our perception is producing which is somehow slightly different from the one our feet are moving in. There is a sort of dreaming activity (a recomposition of a world through fragments of reality) which often characterize this experience and which somehow redefines what we call “space”. What form of geography does the perceptive experience re compose? The workshop will be lead by Myriam Lefkowitz, Julie Laporte and Jean Philippe Derail.
Some walks
Following the workshops two days of walks will be proposed by the three performers. An appointment is made between one spectator and one guide. A precise time and place. They take off. The Walk, Hands, Eyes (Brno) experience weaves a singular relation between walking, seeing and touching in Brno, for one hour.

Bring confortable shoes.

is a performance artist (Born in 1980). She is mainly developing choreographical projects questioning the relation between the perceptive body and different forms of enviromnent. Since 2010, her research is focused on the Walk, hands, eyes (a city) project. She presented the piece at the Venise Biennale (Lituanien pavillon 2013), at the Contemporary Art Center (Vilnius), for Kunsteverien (NY), Le Mouvement (Biel)…In 2011, she took part in the master program, SPEAP, in Science Po, Paris, founded by Bruno Latour. She is currently part of SPEAP teaching comitee. She is regularly invited to teach or talk on those matters in different institutions: the museum of modern art Georges Pompidou, the Mac Val museum, the Palais de Tokyo, Open School East in London, Le HEAD in Geneva… She is currently an artist in residency at the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers.

is a contemporary dancer (Born in 1977) based in Paris. She studied dance in Epsedanse (Montpellier) and in P.A.R.T.S (Brussels). In 2009 she went back to Montpellier for the first module of Ex.e.r.ce, training of Centre Chorégraphique for dancers and choreographers. There she had the opportunity to work on Merce Cunningham’s work with Charles Atlas, Lisa Nelson, Mathilde Monnier, Foofwa D’imobilité etc. She took part in many theatre and dance pieces as a performer in France, Germany, Belgium and recently Switzerland with Lucie Tuma for the project “Passive Movement”. Recently she’s working in collaboration on walking practices with Myriam Lefkowitz, following a course at the University of Paris 8 in dance and discovers the hypnosis as a tool for creation amongst Catherine Contour.. Julie has also been studying shiatsu since 2007.

is a performer and a video artist. Following an education in dance, theatre, and film studies, he works with the relationship between dance and cinema. He is concerned with how to use the camera’s frame and point of view choreographically and how the tools of cinema might be used to create a choreography. From 1993 to 2001 he is a full-time performer with Groupe Kraft, a company developing a physical contemporary theatre. He directs his first pieces, inspired by the American photographer Diane Arbus. In 2004, he is a dancer-interpreter with the company Autre Mi Na/Mitia Fedotenko. In 2005 he becomes part of the research group founded by Anne Lopez. He begins, in 2009, a project that will continue to develop over the next few years : Onirique Sursaut (Dreamlike Startle), constructed around 50′s Hollywood musicals. In 2010, he participates in module #2 of Ex.e.r.ce at the National Choreographic Center of Montpellier, taking part in the creation of the musical review Puttin On”, a show directed by Mark Tompkins.

price: 20 Euro
More information about other workshops HERE

move the city / schedule

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move the city 2014 / festival of dance improvisation

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international festival of dance improvisation and movement in relation to architectural and public space

18/8-24/8/2014 ~ Brno/CZ


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(Cz) 2′16” A PŮL: VESMÍRNÁ ODYSEA / Dětská soudobá opera

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MULTIPLACE 2014 / 13th edition of the Festival for Digital Survivors

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VACANT TBILISI * international workshop

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10-Day workshop was focused on issue of vacant and abondoned buildings and lots in Tbilisi. By mapping empty properties, researching planning instruments, architectural tools and by site-interventions the workshop aimed to point the possibility of temporary use of empty properties and their conversion for another use.

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