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4AM Forum for Architecture and Media represents an open platform of experimental approaches and a wide range of activities related to architecture, urbanism, urban space, contemporary art, and new media. Within such an inter-disciplinary framework and with emphasis on the involvement of both professionals and the general public, current cultural and social phenomena, related issues and questions are both articulated and critically observed through a variety of forms of open discussions, international workshops, lectures, exhibitions and events held in public venues.

Part of the Forum for Architecture and Media is the physical space of 4AM/Cabinet, a venue for meetings and an open work laboratory with a library including international magazines and publications about architecture, contemporary art and the new media. Another part of the 4AM space is the 4AM/Media lab – a background and live workshop for activities within the framework of contemporary visual and media art, a place for workshops, discussions and a mediatheque.

4AM cooperates with many local and international partners, such as: f.e.a. – forum experimentelle architektur Vienna, KÉK Budapes, rese arch Bratislava, Zeppelin Association Bucharest, OBERLIHT Chisinau, Urban Reaktor (Tbilisi), Košice – The Capital City of Culture 2013, The Brno House of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts and Faculty of Architecture Brno, Theory of Interactive Media department Masaryk University, Magazine Era 21 and in cooperation with authorities such as Jan Tabor (CZ/AT), Iris Meder (AT), Rostislav Koryčánek, Gabu Heindel (AT), Levente Polyák (HU), Jana Horáková, Tomáš Valena (CZ/DE), Petr Rezek, Osamu Okamura, Sporaarchitects (HU), etc.

4AM Forum for Architecture and Media is a venue and space that both in a virtual and a physical manner connects the students of relevant majors, professional theoreticians, and practical professionals from a variety of fields. The association of 4AM has the following members: Petra Hlaváčková, Šárka Svobodová, Barbora Šedivá, Evi Scheller, Zdeněk Severa, Jakub Kopec, Lucie Valdhansová, Tereza Rullerová, Tomáš Hlaváček, Jaroslav Sedlák, Roman Čerbák, Vít Musil, Prokop Holoubek, Adam Kvasnička, Kateřina Drajsajtlová, Pavel Richter, Jan Svoboda, Jakub Brauer, Václav Peloušek, Ondřej Merta, Christine Rahn, Klára Eliášová and others.

4AM was part of the Asking Architecture, winning project for the exposition in the Czech and Slovak Pavilion at the 13. International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia 2012 (link >>> www.askingarchitecture.sk).

From January 2011 till December 2012 the 4AM Forum for Architecture and Media has run the Gallery of Architecture in Brno. Since February 2013 the association is based in an old railway building in the southern city of Brno (Rosická 1).


Rosická 1
602 00 Brno, CZ



Post adress of 4AM civic association:

4AM Forum for architecture and media
Lidická 46
602 00 Brno, CZ

4AM Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/4AM.Forum

4AM/Press photos for download:

4AM/REPORT OF ACTIVITIES 01 – 07 2012 / EN version link >>> january – july 2012 activities report PDF_EN

4AM/01 – 07 2012 activities report / CZ version link >>> january – july 2012 activities report PDF_CZ

4AM/Portfolio of activities 2011 – 2012 / CZ version link >>> portfolio 2011 – 2012 PDF_CZ

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Architektura Fikce

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4AM >> prahavbrne.cz

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(Cz) Kristýna Chludilová / Život Václava Havla

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11.11. – – – 19H >>> PRAHA/Forum for Architecture and Media, Husova 18, Brno

The documentary film Temples of Money deals with architecture of banks and savings banks in the 1990s presenting it as a phenomenon closely related to the social and political changes following the year 1989. A great number of new banks was bulit at that time, creating a specific model corresponding to the contemporary ideals of the newly developing economic sphere in a post-communist country. The architecture of these buildings was influenced by the then already fading postmodern. A heated discussion arose over the architecture of money institutions already when they were under construction, stressing for example the moral aspects related to the enormous financial costs and pompous form of these buildings. Criticism of prodigal forms and bombastic gestures referred to the very use of postmodern vocabulary. For the coming generation of young architects postmodern vocabulary meant an exhausted trend aimed more at commercial purposes than art.

The documentary is a sensitive attempt to reevaluate individual concepts, supported by documentation and interviews with architects of banks – Michael Gabriel, Vladimír Štulc and Jaromír Kročák. It is a relection of a key and complex period but on the other hand a generally marginilized period of architecture of the early 1990s. Even after an almost quarter of a century for many architects who designed banks and savings banks this period remains taboo.

Screening is done in cooperation with KÉK Budapest (Centre for Contemporaray architecture) in frame of project Filming the Central European City

NEW MUSIC SYNDROME – Exposition of New Music 2014 Off program

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Ján Lastomírsky – Článek II; Rondel